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Contributor: Sara Robillard

With the commercialization of the Internet, various social networking sites sprang up virtually overnight. The most significant, MySpace, shook the parenting world. MySpace represented vastly uncharted territory to concerned adults; it seemed to be a labyrinth of pictures of scantily clothed children who willfully allowed strangers access to their home addresses, phone numbers, and personal lives. Launched in 2003, MySpace peaked in 2006 with more than 100 million registered members worldwide. MySpace, originally sold for $580 million, was the first social networking site to make a dramatic impact on parents and their young children. [1] Read more »


AOL Instant Messaging

Contributor: Julianne Staine

Away messages, screen names, and excessive emoticons: these were several characteristic components of the AOL instant messenger service, or “AIM”, that became the primary initial attraction to Internet use by my generation. While emoticons were fun, and away messages that allowed you to tell your friends exactly why you’re not responding to their instantaneous thoughts were enticing, the greatest lure of AIM was its facilitation of immediate collective interaction with your peers without the usual amount of parental or other adult supervision. No longer were we restricted to phone calls on land lines monitored by parents. In this pre-cell phone era, AIM had revolutionized communication in the pre-teen/teenage age group. Read more »