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Princess dress-up duds


Contributor: Storey Zimmerman

Also by this contributor: “PG-13 Movies” 

The only specific memory I have of Pre-Kindergarten is of the legendary purple dress. The purple dress was my favorite plaything in the toybox at school. Whenever we would be released for recess, I, along with almost every other girl in our class, ran straight to the dress-up area to grab the purple dress. My best friend, Su, and I fought over the purple dress almost constantly, resorting to violent outbursts at some points just so we could be the one in the pretty dress. Eventually, our teacher had to designate specific days when the dress would be mine, and other days when the dress would be Su’s.  We were obsessed with this dress and looking pretty.

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Baby Dolls

Contributor: Elizabeth Webster 

Also by this contributor:“Abercrombie & Fitch” 

I am one of many girls throughout the decades and across cultures who has been influenced by countless hours of interacting with baby dolls. Today’s baby dolls resemble real babies in multiple aspects – their features, body structure, and even noises are designed to both entertain and encourage nurturing skills in young girls. But baby dolls have not always served this purpose. The history of baby dolls dates all the way back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome where they were used for magic and religious rituals instead of play. In these days dolls were made from clay, wood, bone, and ivory – materials not suited for cradling or cuddling as they are today.[1]

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Edgar Degas, 1873. No boys here.


Contributor: Madison Hart 

From the age of three until my sixteenth birthday, dance was my life. By the age of eight, I was in a prestigious dance company. By the time I was fourteen, I had danced in competitions and performances in New York, LA, and everywhere in between. To put it simply, when it came to the dance world, I had seen it all. Stage moms were all I knew, and false eyelashes were as much a part of my life as Barbie dolls were.

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So Romantic!

The Little Mermaid

Contributor: Emily Garza

Also by this contributor: “Britney Spears”

“It’s she who holds her tongue who gets a man.” Would you give this piece of advice to your daughter? How about your sister? No, I don’t think anybody would. This isn’t a very good message to tell any girl, yet it’s an exact quote from a very popular children’s movie: Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”[1](1989). I decided to go back and re-examine “The Little Mermaid” and analyze just what kind of messages the movie sends, because honestly when I was six years old there’s nobody who I wanted to be more than Ariel. She was everything a young girl ought to be: beautiful, fun, energetic, and she was a princess! I actually have quite vivid memories of swimming in a pool (and the bathtub to be honest) and pretending I was the little mermaid herself. I would have given anything to be my favorite Disney Princess.

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"Make ladies swoon, baby (ooh baby!)/Look at my sales"


Contributor: Samantha Stillman

Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers; no matter the name, this 39 year-old “white-boy” rapper has been a controversial topic in American pop culture since his debut in 1998.[1] Brought up in a less than what is considered ideal household, Eminem makes clear through his lyrics the hatred he feels for his parents, in particular his mother.

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