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Edgar Degas, 1873. No boys here.


Contributor: Madison Hart 

From the age of three until my sixteenth birthday, dance was my life. By the age of eight, I was in a prestigious dance company. By the time I was fourteen, I had danced in competitions and performances in New York, LA, and everywhere in between. To put it simply, when it came to the dance world, I had seen it all. Stage moms were all I knew, and false eyelashes were as much a part of my life as Barbie dolls were.

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Contributor: Carol Perales

Also by this contributor: “Sex and the City” 

Who wouldn’t want to look like Barbie? With her perfect hair, long legs and thin waist. At the age of twenty-one and having already reached my full body growth, I have to accept the fact that I will never fit this image. My genetics have decided not to take the Barbie route. Barbara Millicent Roberts, fondly known as Barbie, was introduced in 1959 by Mattel.[1] She has successfully been assisting girls in the art of play and fashion for years. However, there has been controversy that Barbie portrays an unhealthy, unattainable body image and has an overly sexualized figure. It can also be argued that Barbie allows girls to learn about a variety of available occupations as well as striving to be independent young women. Therefore, is Barbie really just a simple doll or are young girls receiving messages from these toys as to how to interpret body image?

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“Jersey Shore”

Contributor: Colleen Nelson

Over the past decade, children’s idols have drastically changed shape. The once revered Mickey Mouse and Buzz Lightyear have been replaced with reality TV stars. The cast of shows like Jersey Shore have invaded the homes of American families, and their actions have begun to influence our children in many ways. Children’s vocabulary, clothing, actions, mannerisms, and ideals have all transformed to mimic these TV idols.
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