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Explanation of Categories

Moral Panics: The dangerous, gross, and objectionable items in this collection were added by students following this prompt: “Throughout the first unit, Moral Panics, we’ve been talking about adult fears about loss of innocence that children might experience through consumer or popular culture. So, you might pick as a subject a book, TV show, band, album, or song, foodstuff, toy, or anything else that you loved but your parents either prohibited you from owning or worried about you owning.  Or, if that doesn’t ring any strong memory bells, you might pick something that you remember was an object of a moral panic in society at large when you were younger, but with which you don’t necessarily have a personal connection.”
Pink and Blue: When selecting an item to contribute to this collection, students were prompted: “Pick an object (movie, show, magazine, toy, etc) that you liked as a kid that was gendered in some way. You could write about an object that relates directly to one of the readings we did—a teen magazine, a celebrity crush, a Disney princess, a war game, a comic book, a particular piece of clothing—or choose something totally different.”

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